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Getting the latest news on what’s happening in your local area and around the world can help you make decisions about business and lifestyle. It can also help you stay in touch with your peers or competitors, which can make it easier to compete in a certain market.

Daily News provides up-to-the-minute news and opinion on everything that matters to you – national and international, politics and entertainment, sports and more. The app includes news from over 10,000 trusted sources like CNN, Fox News, The Washington Post, Reuters, Yahoo News, USA Today, BBC US, Voice of America and much more.

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The Daily News offers live streaming videos of breaking news, press conferences and the day’s soundbites. You can even listen to the audio on your iPhone or Android phone.

New York City’s Daily News is one of the largest tabloids in the United States, with a circulation of about 720,000 copies daily. Its website gets about two million visitors each month, and is primarily funded by advertising.

It has been laying off a third of its staff in an effort to cut costs and focus on the website’s more popular features. This decision reflects a “changing business environment for news and media,” according to the publisher.

Featured Newspapers

The library holds digital access to hundreds of newspapers, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Many have full text articles or are searchable by topic and author. Others provide scanned images of the original paper, photos, and advertisements.

Streaming Video on Demand

The library offers video of the news broadcasts on NBC, CBS and ABC (August 1968 to present); news programs from CNN (1995 to present); and a selection of special programs, including coverage of political events. The content is added approximately 72 hours after the program was originally broadcast.

Scanned Articles from the Anchorage Daily News

The Anchorage Daily News Collection contains full-text articles from 1985 to present, as well as scanned images of the paper’s content. Coverage is limited to Alaska, but you may be able to find articles from other locations in the collection.

Other databases with good coverage of the Anchorage Daily News include:

ALA Collection

The ALA Digital Newspaper Archive contains the full text of more than 700 newspapers, most of which are available in a single online location. These newspapers range from small regional papers to large national dailies. The collections are organized by region and offer diverse perspectives on the news of the day.